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Gelish Flex Foundation

Gelish Flex Foundation

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Banish imperfections with the perfect semi-opaque beige.

Foundation Flex works as a base coat with the Gelish adhesion you trust BUT it also does so much more! Use it to provide perfecting volume to uneven nails, conceal discolored nails, or even as a ridge-filling base coat underneath gel polish. It's all possible as Foundation Flex cures with flexibility due to its rubber base.

Gelish is adding to the Foundation product family with the unique pliability of Rubber Base Technology. Created with our advanced Foundation Base adhesion, Foundation Flex virtually cocoons nails in our unique rubberized gel system. Our bio-sourced light activated bonder gives nails supernatural flexibility making breaks and snaps a thing of the past! Foundation Flex comes in our Gelish bottle for easy, no-fuss brush-on application.

Made in the USA and 10-FREE, Foundation Flex is vegan, cruelty-free, fortified with Vitamin A and Biotinand contains a bio-sourced light-activated bonder.

Foundation Flex comes in four gorgeous, natural looking shades to give clients their most flawless nails!

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