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Botulina Capilar (Shot Botox)

Botulina Capilar (Shot Botox)

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Introducing the revolutionary Ultra Conditioner and Long-lasting Instant Emollient.

Our patented formula combines a unique blend of ingredients to enhance strand thickness and provide a straightening effect for healthy hair, while also preventing hair . It works from the inside out, revitalizing your hair by cleansing the follicles and scalp from impurities for an extended period.

Here's how to use it:

Start by mixing the contents of the vial of BIO COMPLEX  BOTULINE with 6oz. of room temperature water. Thoroughly mix until a thick white cream is formed, activating BIOCOMPLEX HAIR BOTULIN to deeply penetrate the hair strands.

After shampooing, apply the cream from the ends to the roots. Leave it on for a minute and then rinse with an ample amount of water to experience the long-lasting rejuvenating effects.

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